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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  February 10, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> a new round of peace talks on syria are underway. they come after 10 days after the first round that achieved little more than getting both the regime and the opposition in the same room. swiss voters backed a proposal in favor of quotas for immigrants. france and the european union called the narrowly-past move worrying. barack obama and francois hollande write about their model relationship in an op-ed piece published today ahead of the state visit to the white house.
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also coming up this hour, the world's biggest film festival you've probably never heard of. moreovie critic will have on the 7000 movies on show at the annual short film festival. judges in the hague are deciding whether or not the man known as the terminator will stand trial. crimesccused of war including the use of both child soldiers and sex slaves. first let's go to geneva where the new round of peace talks on syria is under way. it comes 10 days after the very first round where little progress was made. the mediator, lakhdar brahimi, began the day by speaking to both sides of the conflict separately. oppositione from the
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syrian national council. >> we would like to see the violence of the regime stop. over 1800 syrians were killed, half in aleppo last week because of the use of those barrels. each one can destroy a whole building. it is not acceptable that the regime would send its own delegation to talk peace while it is killing our people in syria. >> the spokesman from the syrian national coalition. jonathan crane has more on reaction from inside syria itself. >> on the streets of government-controlled damascus expectations are low ahead of the latest round of peace talks between syria's warring sides. people should stop the entering the country. they have to stop supporting
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terrorism with their money. >> they are liars. the conference is useless. it is a lie. if we want to solve the problem, we must solve it here am only in our country. here, only in our country. have brought the two sides together for the first time since the conflict began, but the first round 10 days ago achieved little other than the broad assertion by opposition alleys -- allies that assad must be replaced by a transitional government, and a pledge to evacuate besieged citizens from homs. accused each other of violating a u.n.-brokered cee-fire. it is unclear what will be discussed monday and what progress can be made. >> the gap between the sides remains wide. there is no use pretending
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otherwise. nevertheless, during our discussions, i observed a little bit of common ground. >> even if an agreement is reached, the key challenge remains how do you implement it in a country that has spiraled out of control? heard, there was one positive development from that last round of peace talks. some 600 people have finally been evacuated from the deceased that it back but you wait and has not been without its own dangers. evacuation has not been without its own dangers. women, and of men, children carrying just a few belongings, desperate to get out of the beleaguered city. the humanitarian operation wasn't without peril.
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an explosion rocked this area as residents fled, although it is not clear who was responsible for it. they evacuation of more than 600 civilians came a day after a u.n. brokered three-day cease-fire was breached. syrian regime and the opposition blamed each other for the attack. >> during our presence in the old city on saturday, the cease-fire was broken continuously. we helped to help the largest number of people possible. >> sunday was the last day of the humanitarian truce agreed by both sides. the massive actuation and eight livery comes on the eve of of a second round -- and eight -- the mass evacuation and aid delivery comes on the eve of a second round of peace talks. >> switzerland passed a controversial vote, putting out -- putting quotas on
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immigration. just over 50% of voters backed the plan. we have more on the reaction from the eu. at least to be expected that the eu ministers will provide us with a harsh -- with harsh comments on the results of the swiss referendum. we are on the eve of a general european election next may. wereainstream parties already fearing the uprising -- the oncoming vote. they are all afraid that the results of the swiss referendum will add more fuel to the populist electorate in europe. >> there could be other fallout from this result. it could sink a series of deals with the eu especially on the economic front. >> for the swiss, it is a giant leap into uncharted territory.
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the relations between switzerland and the european union fall under agreements signed in the 19 -- signed in and commercial agreements. they are set in the same package . they are what have been called a guillotine close. if one sector falls out, all of the other sectors will fall as well. if implemented, it could cause severe harm to the commercial relations between switzerland and the european union. france, a senegalese born french national sauté's citizenry evoked -- -- senegalese-born french national saw his citizenry
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revoked. whilewas born in senegal it was still occupied by the french. a claim forlodged french nationality. it was granted. decades later, his french nationalization -- naturalization was revoked. years later, they take it away saying, no, we made a mistake. frenchas issued with nationality when he was 23 years old. the legal cut off was 21. in the eyes of the administration, this oversight means he was never french. this in itself is causing the senegal native a lot of problems. travelather is unable to . his pack sport which expires hisot be renewed --
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passport which expires in two months cannot be renewed. , he willls to comply be added to wanted lists like a criminal. >> he is not the only one impacted. his children have lost their french nationality too. paying taxes. of his retirement may no longer be possible. the matter will go before courts . -- before courts . -- before courts next month. according to france's constitutional court, the lag between when a reservation is placed and the car can be sent is illegal. the provision has been struck down. that has sent angry track -- angry taxi drivers to the streets to protest.
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the streets,ng taxis in paris went on strike on monday over competition from private-hire companies. >> a license costs 240,000 euros. pluswe pay for the car, interest and taxes -- we are fed up. my revenues are down. it is unacceptable. >> the government introduced a bid to protect private companies. they would've had to wait 15 minutes before receiving an order and picking up a client. but the court said that was not legal. they don't pay the same taxes that we do. anyone can become a self-employed businessman. he will dress nicely, by a beautiful car, solicit clients in airports and train stations.
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>> the private companies say they have done nothing wrong and have only adapted to the needs of the client. a panel toreate examine how best to protect french taxis. >> now to argentina, home to one of the 10 most polluted laces on the planet. -- 10 most polluted places on the planet. the supreme court ordered the government to get it clean and treat all the sick people living nearby, but the lack of improvement led a group of schoolchildren to take matters into their own hands. >> amount this 60-kilometer long >>er near when osiris -- this 60-kilometer long river -- buenos aires according to one group, it is one of the 10 most polluted places on earth.
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in this zone, they are reading all kinds of stuff. it is all contaminated. there are no more elderly people. no one gets to live until then. they die young. and children as well. there is a high infant mortality rate. >> it has been a big cause of problems. high levels of lead in water can and skinespiratory problems. the government has done little to help, so a group of high school students decided in 2010 and to raise awareness of the program -- problem. >> it gets into your blood and makes you sick. we explain to little children that they have to wash their hands. >> the children have joined the group. two children died of respiratory complications at birth.
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three others at abnormally high levels of lead in their blood. they are worried about the youngest one. hospitalized at birth. when he was eight months he had pneumonia. >> in 2008, the supreme court ordered the government to clean the river. since then 190,000 tons of toxic waste have been removed, and authorities recognize it is not enough. >> living in a slum is never ideal. i wish there was a solution to solve this problem. that there was a utopian way to transform this place, but there is not. extremely long process that requires tremendous investment.
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>> they continue their mission. next year two schools from neighboring slums will start similar projects. 24."u are watching "france a new round of peace talks on syria are underway. they come 10 days after the first round achieved little more then getting both of the opposition and the regime at the same table. proposal in active favor of quotas for immigrants. some call the neroli-past -- narrowly-passed move worrying. francois hollande causes it to washington is the subject of our inside look. a trip that will also be marked by big business -- francois hollande's visit to washington
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is all this up -- is the subject of our inside look. a trip that will also be marked by big business. center of theerve global digital economy. he will meet with internet giants, like the heads of internet giants twitter and google. the french president is aware of measures internet giants have taken to minimize taxes paid in france. he has been at loggerheads with google over their privacy policies and their tax bill. google has been under investigation by tax authorities in france for over two years and could be facing a bill of up to one billion euros in back taxes. in silicon valley, the president will be shown around by entrepreneurs who have made it their home. meet asident will also man who started a movement amongst our server nears in france against high commercial amongstes --
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againstneurs in france high commercial tax rates. >> let's talk about the op-ed article being published between french president francois hollande and u.s. president barack obama. >> the editorial is very much an inventory of all their mutual work together. they just want to show praise after praise. climate comes far down on the list. wait the-- waived -- they really weight the editorial -- there is a theme that resonates strongly with the administration
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, the u.s. administration and the u.s. citizens. >> how is hollande seen in the u.s. -- the u.s.? >> he has garnered a lot of respect on security issues. the nature of the relationship is not as warm and personal as some others in the past. it is very pragmatic and operational. both sides seem to be looking at her they gain benefit from each collaboration together. it works well. sides seem to be looking at how they gain benefit from each collaboration together. >> it is stock full of ceremonial events. tomorrow they will open up with the arrival ceremony. be all the glory up until the state dinner. are heavilytings weighted on outreach to the business community.
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he wants to focus on the economy. he seems to be dropping hints that as much as he can sell the reputation of france as trying to move forward economically, as a place for american investors to change their mind -- to come home with as many taglines around the word innovation as possible. obama wants to stand up and show he has a partner that is active in the world on security issues. it is not only us out there. that is enough for obama to get out of it. >> he is traveling with a group of business people going out to silicon valley. will that be enough to convince people in france that he has the right idea with his plan to revitalize the economy here? >> my perception is that any step forward and any degree of respect for his new emergent economic plan is a success. it is a low bar. it has a long way to go. it is just in the newborn
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stages. it will be interesting to see how the response is when he is reaching out to these business leaders, significant business leaders in silicon valley and tohington, d.c., and tries say france is a great place for investment and innovation. there are a lot of skeptics worried about the state of the french economy and what france is doing to slow down europe. >> another story around the world -- the affair the french president had and the subsequent breakup with valerie trier weiler. how will he fend off accusations he gets from the u.s. press? >> i think that is the theme in the u.s. press. there is little discussion of the policy issues. is a state visit. it is one of very few that the u.s. does. president obama has done something like six state visits
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in his entire term and a half in office. giving a state visit to france is a big moment, a big ceremonial activity. it doesn't come every day. there will be a lot of attention on the ceremonial factor. how many times did they have to throw out the invitation and reprint them? i saw something that said will they get the dance music appropriate so it is not too romantic -- all these kinds of colorful pictures. i think the theme in the u.s. will be about the black-tie dinner. the gossip will be all about president hollande's new bachelor status. i think the work will be really trying to sell each message so that obama gets to say i've got a partner in the world, and hollande gets to say we are moving forward on the economy, even if it is a little step.
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>> for our viewers who might not be sure what constitutes a state visit -- what constitutes a state visit? >> it is different from unofficial visit. you can have working visits by state leaders, presidents and prime ministers from around the world, but it is not a ball or soirée. and all of the protocol that goes with it, the formal arrival ceremonies -- there is much gallantry and there are regal components. the controversy and one of the reasons there have not been many of them is the cost that goes with that. preferred to have far more official, working visits, even meetings at the white house, then state visits, which can be criticized as spending a lot of money on high energy
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talent, expensive dinners. the last few came under criticism, how much did the wine cost -- they very carefully select who gets them. one going to france is a big deal. waye have come such a long from that debate over the iraq war. talk about the turnaround and what has happened. it has been moving gradually. former president sarkozy was initiating the saw -- the thaw in tone with washington, d.c. salon has picked up on that theme by being pragmatic on -- hollande has picked up on that theme by being pragmatic on security issues. the sheer fact that the iraq war is over and we are not name-calling in the same way as before -- that's enough for --ple not to go back to
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that's enough for people to go back to a rooted interest in the transatlantic relationship. policymakers like working with france. they are very focused on whether france and president hollande will move the european economy forward or backward. it has such immediate backlash on the american market. it will matter very much to americans. obviously aren't perfect. there was this french delegation that went to iran earlier this week. that earned a reprimand from the u.s. headscourse you will bump at sometimes. part of it is personality. the two residents both are pragmatic. -- the two presidents are both pragmatic. it is functional. there have been some tense moments in that function. was president obama
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standing very tightly together with president hollande on the heian crisis last august, said i'm thinking to delay because i need to take care of some issues at home, when president hollande has mentioned they are ready to take action on syria -- iran causes a lot of nervousness on the u.s. side because of coordination. the u.s. and france agree on the top line in iran. each time we don't coordinate our messages, we call out each other for not being tough enough in the negotiations or we send a trade delegation with mixed messages when the u.s. is fighting in congress to state hard-line. coming to speak to us. the state visit between france and the u.s. you are watching "france 24." time to get a wrapup of the latest sports action. let's start with european football. germain --nd pan st.
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and kerry st. germain -- arseille an -- monaco and paris st. germain had a draw. win, but we had to just couldn't. but we came away with the point. that's the most important thing. i was lucky i played well. i scored a goal. that is what i wanted to do to help the team win the game. >> there are a lot of games still. we will try to collect as many points as possible. i think monaco will be there and make it difficult for us. i am confident. the most important thing is if they lose, we are right there
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behind them. >> we put in a complete performance. we made them doubt themselves and managed to come away with a draw. we pushed them until the end. we could have snatched it. we are happy with how we played. schalke moved closer to the bundesliga's top three. they went on a run. it two.e their japanese fullback linked up and they picked up the 18-year-old, making it four wins in their last tries. 2-0 at the finish. six nations remain unbeaten. just after the
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he grabbed at the ball and extended the lead to 18 points. there was a huge interception just outside of the french 22. as it stands, ireland are leading. both sides have a 100% record. the french travel to wales next week with a possible grand slam still in their sights.
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